Zombies Revisit Guild (again)

If you didn’t get enough zombies at Bubonicon 41, the Weekly Alibi Midnight Movie Madness presents I Sell the Dead 10:30 pm on Saturday, September 26, at the Guild Cinema.

I Sell the Dead is a 2009 American tongue-in-cheek horror comedy from writer/director Glenn McQuaid in limited theatrical release. On the eve of his execution, an 18th-century London graverobber (Dominic Monaghan from LOST) narrates a series of scary tales about his encounters with the undead to a curious priest (HELLBOY’s Ron Perlman). Look for cult director Larry Fessenden (HABIT, WENDIGO) and PHANTASM’s Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm in cameo roles. Rated R, 85 minutes.

I Sell the Dead is an expansion of Irish director McQuai’ds 2005 short film The Resurrection Apprentice. In addition to allowing his characters to continue living, McQuaid says he wanted to create a full-scene comic book-style Victorian horror/comedy with a very different twist.

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Ave NE, in the Nob Hill area across from Flying Star Café and Starbuck’s. All seats $7.00, cash only.

www.guildcinema.com / 255-1848

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