MileHiCon 41 Begins

MileHiCon 41 begins its three days of Buffy’s High School Reunion fun, socializing, panels, art appreciation, gaming, dealer sales and more at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Denver, CO’s Tech Center at 7800 E. Tufts Avenue!

Registration opens at 1:00 pm Friday, and 9:00 am on Saturday & Sunday.

First programming begins at 4:00 pm or so.
Friday events include Opening Ceremonies, Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog, a musical concert with Marc Gunn and Odd Austin, the MHC Critter Floatilla Race, and the MHC Mix, Munch & Mingle. Pogramming goes past midnight usually.

Guests of Honor are Nancy Kress, Barbara Hambly, artist John Picacio, musician Marc Gunn, and Brandon Sanderson.  Other participants include Daniel Abraham, Mario Acevedo, Doug Beason, Ed Bryant, Peri Charlifu, Craig Chrissinger, Yvonne Coats, Daniel & David Dvorkin, Harriet Engle, Warren Hammond, Emily Mah, Catherine Cooke Montrose, Robin Owens, Jeanne Stein, John Stith, David Lee Summers, James Van Pelt, Carrie Vaughn, Connie Willis and Robert Zubrin.

Hotel is $89 per night, single/double. 303-779-1234.
More info at

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