Green Slime Awards

Green Slime It!

Back in 1976, the late Roy Tackett felt there was a need to recognize annual wretchedness in films, books and such.  Thus, Bubonicon’s Green Slime Awards were born.  In 2017, Slime Mistress Jessica L. Coyle continues the tradition.

And she needs your help! Have you seen a horrible movie, watched a terrible TV show or SyFy movie, read a pathetic novel or short story, cringed at some cover artwork, or just wondered about the state of science in our land?  Then send your Green Slime nominations to Jessica for consideration BY AUGUST 11, 2017.  So far, early contenders include The Space Between Us, Emerald City, The Mummy, The Emoji Movie, Empire of the Sharks, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword!  Do you know of any other wretchedness that should be considered?

All 2017 nominations must have been released/aired/taken place since Bubonicon 48, and the Green Slime Awards will be officially announced on the evening of Saturday, August 26, 2017.

By the way, this will be Jessica’s seventh year in the position, and your support is much appreciated. Kathy K. Kelley ascended the Green Slime throne in 1999 from Roy Buergi (Master 1992-1998), and judged the Slimes a dozen times.  Send in those nominations between now and mid-August 2017…

2016 Award Recipients (Winners?):

  • SF Novel:  Finches of Mars by Brian W. Aldiss (Bunch of scraps thrown together with inane ideas; narrative lacks cohesion and there is no plot; characters talk like sophomore philosophy majors.)
  • Comics:  Fan reaction to Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 (Rogers secretly a Hydra deep cover agent – It’s not the end of an icon, folks, so chill out. Let’s see where the story goes.)
  • Television:  Containment on The CW (Uninspired; no interesting characters, story or a modicum of tension; lackadaisical and plods forward with no vitality or spark.)
  • Direct To Video:  Cell (Draggy & disorganized; a point seems to being made, but what is it; ho-hum zombie picture; cheap-looking, poorly lit & with erratic shaky-cam; bare-boned Stephen King story with lack of clarity; John Cusack sports a Nic Cage-level bad haircut.)
  • YA Movie:  Jem and the Holograms (Corny, teen angst; cynical & confused, mediocre; often resembles a mockbuster of itself, with little of the original cartoon’s premise left intact.)
  • Fantasy Movie:  Gods of Egypt (One of the worst costume epics imaginable; CGI looks cheap and sometimes shoddy; it falls flat and is outlandish; never quite embraces its potential lunacy; a lot of white people for ancient Egypt; Gerald Butler looks & sounds very out of place.)
  • Superhero Movie:  Batman v Superman (Too dark & serious, ponderous & smothering; sense-numbing, joy-bludgeoning and soul-deadening 152-minute over-plotted mayhem; simply no fun and drained of joy; no real reason for the two DC superheroes to fight; Jesse Eisenberg’s twerpy take on Lex Luthor is almost unwatchable.)