Conan Slays at Guild Cinema

Conan the Barbarian at the Guild Cinema

Friday & Saturday, July 13-14, 10:15 pm only

Directed by John Milius – 1982 – 129m.
All Seats $8.00 – Students with IDs $6.00. Cash only.
An Alibi Midnight Movie Madness Presentation, with prizes courtesy of Stranger Factory.


This movie, which turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a global superstar, is a prime example of a match made in heaven. Conan is the movie that macho maverick writer-director John Milius was born to make, and Arnold was genetically engineered for his role  – the muscle-bound, angst-ridden hero created in Robert E. Howard’s pulp novels. Oliver Stone contributed to Milius’ screenplay, and the production design by comic artist Ron Cobb represents a perfect cinematic realization of Howard’s fantasy world. To avenge the murder of his parents, Conan tracks down the evil Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones) with the help of Queen Valeria (played by buff B-movie vixen Sandahl Bergman) and Subotai the Mongol (Gerry Lopez).

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue NE, in the Nob Hill area.

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