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Science Fiction authors S.M. Stirling and Walter Jon Williams will be celebrating the releases of their latest books, The Sea Peoples: The Change Book 11 and Quillifer, respectively, with a chat and signing Saturday, October 21!

In Stirling’s 11th Change effort, “The spirit of troubadour Prince John, the brother of Crown Princess Órlaith, has fallen captive to the power of the Yellow Raja and his servant, the Pallid Mask. Prince John’s motley band of friends and followers—headed by Captain Pip of Townsville and Deor Godulfson—must lead a quest through realms of shadow and dreams to rescue Prince John from a threat far worse than death. Meanwhile, across the sea, Japanese Empress Reiko and Órlaith, heir to the High Kingdom of Montival, muster their kingdoms for war, making common cause with the reborn Kingdom of Hawaii. But more than weapons or even the dark magic of the sorcerers of Pyongyang threaten them; Órlaith’s lover, Alan Thurston, might be more than he appears.”

Williams’ Quillifer, the start of a new series, is described as such: “An adventurous epic fantasy about a man who is forced to leave his comfortable life and find his fortune among goddesses, pirates, war, and dragons. Quillifer is young, serially in love, studying law, and living each day keenly aware that his beloved homeport of Ethlebight risks closure due to silting of the harbor. His concerns for the future become much more immediate when he returns from a summery assignation to find his city attacked by Aekoi pirates, leading to brigands in the streets and his family and friends in chains.”

Stirling lives in Santa Fe, and is well known for his Draka and Emberverse (Change) novels.
Williams lives in Belen, is perhaps best known for The Praxis series and Hardwired, has won two Nebula Awards, and is a member of the Wild Cards consortium.

Come join Stirling and Williams 4:00 pm Saturday, October 21, at Page One Books, 5850 Eubank Blvd NE #B-41 in the Mountain Run Shopping Center (southeast corner of Eubank & Juan Tabo).

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