Little Shop & Living Dead @ Guild Cinema

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This event finished on 31 October 2017

Little Shop of Horrors (1960) and Night of the Living Dead (1968) at the Guild Cinema
Monday-Tuesday, October 30-31 – Double Feature!
Little Shop screens at 5:15 & 9:00 pm, and
Living Dead screens at 7:00 pm only.

Little Shop of Horrors directed by Roger Corman – 1960 – 72m.
Night of the Living Dead directed by George A. Romero – 1968 – 90m.
Both films shown in glorious Black & White on Actual Film Stock!  Happy Halloween!

Little Shop of Horrors is a timeless cult favorite of a classic tale of boy-meets-girl, plant-eats-people with Jack Nicholson in one of his first film roles. Seymour’s exotic plant has an insatiable appetite only for blood and flesh. As the ruthless plant grows larger with each feeding, so does Seymour’s affections for shop girl, Audrey. The madness culminates with Seymour and his bloodthirsty plant in a feeding frenzy of epic proportions.
“A campy Corman classic. Drink some beers and have fun with it!” – Alex Sandell, Juicy Cerebellum

“There is no doubt that The Little Shop of Horrors has earned its small place in cult movie history.” – Steve Biodrowski, Cinefantastique

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The original & best Night of the Living Dead started the modern Zombie Apocalypse!!  A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.
“Over its short, furious course, the picture violates so many strong taboos — cannibalism, incest, necrophilia — that it leaves audiences giddy and hysterical.” – Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

“The granddaddy of modern flesh-eating zombies” – Marjorie Baumgarten, The Austin Chronicle

“I felt real terror in that neighborhood theater last Saturday afternoon. I saw kids who had no resources they could draw upon to protect themselves from the dread and fear they felt.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue NE, in the Nob Hill area.


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