Steam Punk It Up

Steam Punk It Up at Quelab, 1112 2nd street NW

This 5:00-10:00 pm Saturday, August 20, event is themed as a Local Steampunk Costuming and Wares Expo/Craft Fair/Workspace.
It’s a cross between a parts-and-supplies swap (gears, clockhands, lenses, beads, jewelery supplies & goggle parts…), part show-and-tell, barter/trade,  and space to help each other with sewing/smithing/LED lighting to  get your costuming project started/finished/spruced up!

Bring what Steampunk, Costuming, Jewelry and Toy  Weapon supplies you have to work on, or have spare to trade for or sell for what you need.

Cost is $10.00. There will be an array of adhesives/tapes, spray paints, clays, friendly plastic strips,  metal/cloth scraps, beads, cogs and other bits. Also batteries and LEDs to give your project some spark, some tools, and much more.

Questions/Vendor only Inquiries, email adric–ät–quelab–d•t–net

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