Evil Dead Attack Guild

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead is at the Guild Cinema Friday, April 23, and Saturday, April 24.

Saturday Showtimes: 9:00 & 11:00 pm.
All Seats for this Alibi Midnight Madness presentation are $7.00 – cash only.
(Burning Paradise members are $5.00 each.)

Directed by Sam Raimi. 1981 – 85 minutes, color. The original cult classic starring Bruce Campbell is on tour (with t-shirts, posters and other dandy merch) in a new 35mm print!

Long, long before Sam Raimi was known for his Spiderman trilogy, he was celebrated by legions of horror fans as the man who made The Evil Dead, one of the campiest and most cult-classical gore fests of all time. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, the film (and its sequels Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness) has something to do with blood-thirsty demons and a dude who has a chainsaw where his right hand should be…

The Guild Cinemas is located at 3405 Central Ave NE in the Nob Hill area (across the street from Flying Star Cafe and Starbucks).

More information: http://guildcinema.com/

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