Past Cons – Notes

Here is the (incomplete) history of Bubonicon, summarized:

Bubonicon 50 August 24-26, 2018
Guests of Honor: John Scalzi & Mary Robinette Kowal. Artist Guest: Eric Velhagen. Toastmaster: Lee Moyer.
Co-Chairs: Caci Cooper & Craig Chrissinger
(Unknown Theme! Seventh year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. Four days after the San Jose Worldcon. Attendance: TBD. Will Donate $money to charity, including the Williamson Library Collection at the Roadrunner Food Bank.)
Bubonicon 49 August 25-27, 2017
Guests of Honor: C.J. Cherryh & Sherwood Smith. Artist Guest: Elizabeth Leggett. Toastmaster: Ursula Vernon.
Co-Chairs: Caci Cooper & Craig Chrissinger
(“Back In Time” [Time Travel] Theme! Sixth year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. Twelve days after the Helsinki Worldcon. Charity Auction staff dresses up MST3K style. Donate shirts, socks & underwear to Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. Attendance: 752. Donating $4,000 to charity, including the Williamson Library Collection and the Roadrunner Food Bank, plus the ABQ Public Library Foundation, New Mexico PBS, and the American Red Cross.)
Bubonicon 48 August 26-28, 2016
Guests of Honor: Rachel Caine & David Gerrold. Artist Guest: Lee Moyer. Toastmaster: Joe R. Lansdale.
Co-Chairs: Caci Cooper & Craig Chrissinger
(“Rockets, Robots & Rayguns” Theme! Fifth year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. One week after the Kansas City Worldcon. Charity Auction staff dresses up in “late-night/gothic” theme. Con sponsors screening of Lansdale’s Bubba Ho-Tep at Guild Cinema in early August. Attendance: 751. Donated $6,000 to charity.)
Bubonicon 47 August 28-30, 2015
Guests of Honor: Tamora Pierce & Catherynne M. Valente. Artist Guest: Ruth Sanderson. Toastmistress: Mary Robinette Kowal.
Co-Chairs: Caci Cooper & Craig Chrissinger
(“Women of Wonder” Theme! Fourth year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. One week after the Spokane Worldcon. George RR Martin shadowed by CBS Sunday Morning camera team on Saturday. John Picacio participates, presents Loteria game. Attendance: 935. Donated $6,000 to charity.)
Bubonicon 46 August 1-3, 2014
Guests of Honor: Jack Campbell & Cherie Priest.  Artist Guest: Darla Hallmark.  Toastmaster: Steven Gould.
Co-Chairs: Caci Cooper & Craig Chrissinger
(Sidekicks & Minions Theme! Third year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. Three weeks early due to London Worldcon & Dublin Eurocon.  Ernest Cline & Stephen R. Donaldson participate. Attendance: 660. Donated $5,000 to charity.)
Bubonicon 45 August 23-25, 2013
Guests of Honor: Tim Powers & Brent Weeks.  Artist Guest: Alan F. Beck.  Toastmistress: Diana Rowland.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(Superstitions Theme! Second year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. Attendance: 980. Donated $4,750 to charity.)
Bubonicon 44 August 24-26, 2012
Guest of Honor: Brandon Sanderson.  Artist Guest: Ursula Vernon.  Toastmaster: Michael Cassutt.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(Mayan-Apocalypse Theme! First year at Marriott Uptown, five track programming. Last year of Genre Cereal Bowl. Attendance: 834. Donated $3,500 to charity.)
Bubonicon 43 August 26-28, 2011
Guest of Honor: Stephen Leigh. Artist Guest: John Picacio
Toastmaster: Ian Tregillis.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(Steampunk Theme! Airport Hotel becomes a Sheraton, and we move programming rooms around. Jessica Coyle’s first year as Green Slime Mistress. Attendance: 722. Donated $3,000 to charity.)
Bubonicon 42 August 27-29, 2010
Guest of Honor: Peter David. Artist Guest: Sarah Clemens
Toastmaster: Mario Acevedo.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(“Hitchhiker’s Guide” Theme! Hotel under major renovations during convention. Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster contest. Kathy K. Kubica’s last year as Green Slime Mistress. Attendance: 643. Donated $750 to charity.)
Bubonicon 41 August 28-30, 2009
Guest of Honor: Michael Cassutt. Artist Guest: Peri Charlifu
Toastmistress: Carrie Vaughn.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(“Everything’s Better with Zombies” Theme! Four-track programming; first use of Vista Norte Room. Attendance: 637)
Bubonicon 40 August 22-24, 2008
Guest of Honor: David Weber. Artist Guest: Bob Eggleton
Toastmaster: Daniel Abraham.
Co-Chairs: Kristen Dorland & Craig Chrissinger
(Year of the Rat theme. Jack Speer memorialized. Four-track programming! Attendance: 537)
Bubonicon 39 August 24-26, 2007
Guest of Honor: Vernor Vinge. Artist Guest: William Stout
Toastmaster: Jane Lindskold.
Con Chair: Kristen Dorland
(Fred Saberhagen & Jack Williamson memorialized. Final year of first contract with Wyndham. Attendance: 525)
Bubonicon 38 August 18-20, 2006
Guest of Honor: Ben Bova. Co-Toastmasters: Cathleen Cogswell & David Mattingly. Artist GoH: Kathleen Lowe.
Con Chair: Craig Chrissinger
(B38 early since LA Worldcon is one week early. Attendance: 478)
Bubonicon 37 August 26-28, 2005
Guest of Honor: Stephen R. Donaldson. Artist GoH: Mark Ferrari. Toastmaster: Jack McDevitt. Con Chair: Craig Chrissinger
(Weekend before Seattle NASFiC. Saturday Night Dance revived. Attendance: 504)
Bubonicon 36 August 27-29, 2004
GoH: Connie Willis. Artist GoH: David Mattingly. TM: Gardner Dozois. Con Chair: Craig Chrissinger
(First convention at Wyndham Airport Hotel. Attendance: 483)
Bubonicon 35 August 22-24, 2003
GoH: Charles de Lint. Artist GoH: Charles Vess. TM: Melinda Snodgrass. Con Chair: Craig Chrissinger
(Space Pirates theme. First Bubonicon to break 400 attendance. Roy Tackett memorialized. Attendance: 461)
Bubonicon 34 August 23-25, 2002
GoH: Esther Friesner. Artist GoH: Joe Tucciarone. TMs: Spider & Jeanne Robinson
(First EDP film block “Science Bastard”. Chad Lundgren substitutes as Green Slime Master. Attendance: 340)
Bubonicon 33 August 24-26, 2001
GoH: Sarah Zettel. Artist GoH: Lee Seed. TM: S.M. Stirling
(Saturday Dance last held * Attendance: 315)
Bubonicon 32 August 25-27, 2000
GoH: Walter Jon Williams. Artist GoH: Lela Dowling. TM: Mary Ann Cornett
(Attendance: 316)
Bubonicon 31 August 20-22, 1999
GoH: Jack McDevitt. Artist GoH: Lubov. TM: David Martin
(Kathy Kelley-Kubica begins reign as Green Slime Mistress. Attendance: 260)
Bubonicon 30 August 28-30, 1998
GoHs: Robert J. Sawyer, Jane Lindskold. Artist GoH: David Martin. TM: John E. Stith
(Roy Buergi’s final time as Green Slime Master. Attendance: 252)
Bubonicon 29 August 22-24, 1997
GoH: John Barnes. Artist GoH: Joy Marie Ledet (in absentia). TM: Wil McCarthy
(Attendance: 278)
Bubonicon 28 August 23-25, 1996
GoH: Dennis McKiernan. Artist GoH: Snail Scott. TM: Gordon Garb
(Patty Vardeman and Arlene Johnston eulogized. Last year of films being shown both Friday and Saturday evenings)
Bubonicon 27 August 11-13, 1995 (early)
GoH: Harry Turtledove. Artist GoH: Martin Cameron. TM: Simon Hawke
(Media Guest: Rick Sternbach. Roger Zelazny eulogized)
Bubonicon 26 August 26-28, 1994
GoH: Michael Stackpole. Artist GoH: Liz Danforth. TM: Simon Hawke
(Jennifer Roberson appears as the “Mystery Guest”. Attendance: 330)
Bubonicon 25 August 20-22, 1993
GoHs: Kevin J. Anderson, Robert C. Cornett. Artist GoH: Ann Marie Eastburn. TM: Robert Vardeman
(First con at Howard Johnson East, 11-year run)
Bubonicon 24 August 14-16, 1992 (early)
GoH: Thorarinn Gunnarsson. Artist GoH: Dell Harris
(Roy Buergi becomes Green Slime Master. First time Saturday Night Dance held. Con held at Ramada Inn)
Bubonicon 23 August 23-25, 1991
GoH: Simon Hawke. Artist GoH: Alan Gutierrez. TM: Arlan Andrews Sr.
(Roy Tackett’s final time as Green Slime Master. Con held at the Four Seasons for final time)
Bubonicon 22 August 24-26, 1990
GoH: Jennifer Roberson.  Artist GoH: Harry O. Morris.   TM: Roy Tackett.
Con Chair: Craig Chrissinger (first time)
(First appearance of Gaming space. First Genre Cereal Bowl held. Attendance: 259)
Bubonicon 21 August 25-27, 1989
GoH: Melinda Snodgrass.   Artist GoH: Marc Davis.   TM: Victor Milán.
Con Chair: Chris Key
Bubonicon 20 August 26-28, 1988
GoH: John E. Stith.   Artist GoH: Geoffrey C. Everts   Toastmaster: Jack Speer
Con Chair: Von Sagrillo
(Con held at the Four Seasons for the first time)
Bubonicon 19 August 28-30, 1987
GoH: Parke Godwin.   Artist GoH: Joan Hanke-Woods.   TM: Robert Vardeman
(Held at the Ramada Classic. First year of having an Artist GoH. Attendance: 276)
Bubonicon 18 August 22-24, 1986
GoH: George RR Martin    Toastmaster: Gordon Garb
(Auctioneer: Robert Vardeman. Held at the Ramada Inn. Attendance: 215)
Bubonicon 17 August 23-25, 1985
GoH: Fred Saberhagen.   TM: Gordon Garb (in absentia, appeared via videotapes)
(Held at the Red Carpet Inn. Attendance: 234)
Bubonicon 16 August 24-26, 1984
GoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson.   TM: Gordon Garb    Auctioneer: Bob Vardeman
(Held at the Shalako Motor Inn after the original hotel closed 10 days before the con. Attendance: 214)
Bubonicon 15 August 26-28, 1983
GoH: Jack Williamson    Toastmaster: Gordon Garb
(Held at the Mountain View Inn. Attendance: 144)
Bubonicon 14 August 27-29, 1982
GoH: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro    Toastmaster: Gordon Garb
(Fan Guest: Takumi Shibano. Art Show returns to Bubonicon. Most controversial Guest of Honor. Held at the Winrock Inn. Attendance: 137)
Bubonicon 13 August 28-30, 1981
GoH: Roger Zelazny   Toastmaster: Gordon Garb
(Zelazny’s famous “Chicken Effect” speech, editor Ellen Datlow attends)
Bubonicon 12 1980
GoH: C.J. Cherryh   Toastmaster: Gordon Garb
Bubonicon 11 1979
GoH: Orson Scott Card
Bubonicon 10 1978
GoH: Gordon R. Dickson
(The Green Slime is shown)
Bubonicon 9 1977
GoH: Gordon Eklund
Bubonicon 8 1976
GoH: Bill Rotsler
(First Green Slime Awards presented.)
Bubonicon 7 1975
GoH: Ed Bryant
Bubonicon 6 1974
GoH: F.M. Busby    Fan Guest: Leigh Edmonds
Bubonicon 5 1973
GoH: Robert Silverberg   Fan Guest: Jack Speer
(Perry Rodent adopted as mascot. First Bubonicon to break 100 people in attendance.)
Bubonicon 4 1972
GoH: Ted White   Fan Guest: Mike Glicksohn
First Art Show held.  First Pre-Con Party held.
Bubonicon 3 1971
GoH: Jack Williamson (in absentia)
(First year of “Bubonicon” name, created by Bob Vardeman.)
Bubonicon 2 1970
GoH: Don Wollheim
Bubonicon 1 1969
GoH: Caz Cazzedus, Don Wollheim
(Held at Bella Vista Restaurant, attendance was 20.)