Con Suite

Con Suite Seeks Rat Friends & Fan Chefs!

by Randy ClarkCON SUITE STAFF HELP NEEDED!  If you are willing and able to assist the con suite manager with putting out food & drink, and doing mild clean-up, please let the Con Chairs know.  Have other questions about the hospitality suite (known in fannish circles as a con suite)?  Inquire within.  Thank you…

Clubs, societies and individuals are invited to host 90-minute or two-hour blocks in our Con Suite. Hungry Fans want con snacks! Babel fish candies or peanuts, anyone? How ’bout a mad scientist bag of caramel popcorn?

We’ll supply the usual plates, napkins, sodas and chips – you supply the Special Goodies (Nothing Messy) for 40-70 people – plus whatever kitchen items you might need – as you present information about yourself or your group to anyone enjoying some hospitality (reminder, no alcohol or smoking permitted – and keep your presentation & costumes PG rated, please).

DUE TO SPACE & FANCY FURNITURE LIMITATIONS, we are asking sponsors to please only provide items such as crackers, chips, fancy cheeses, pretzels, finger sandwiches, cupcakes or donuts, a vegetable tray or fruit bowl, individually packaged candies and such. You cannot provide full meals – nothing messy with sauce, please.  Remember, You Have A Friend In Cheeses! (The Con Suite has a 70-person capacity per fire code – we need to enforce that as much as possible.)

For more information, guidelines and reservations of blocks, please contact our Con Suite Coordinator here.

This is a fun and relaxing way to really contribute to Bubonicon, and know that your efforts are appreciated.

Confirmed Sponsors:
* Coming soon!

In addition to valuable Suite Sponsors, we also very much welcome Food Donations of non-messy snacks, appetizers and individual packaged candies!
Volunteer to bring something within our guidelines today!

++ YOU MUST HAVE A BUBONICON pass & badge to enter the con suite.++