Cherie Priest Signing

Tennessee steampunk pioneer (and Wild Cards contributor) Cherie Priest will be celebrating the release of The Inexplicables (set in the same world as Boneshaker) with a talk and signing November 16!

In the new Priest novel, “Rector ‘Wreck ‘em’ Sherman was orphaned as a toddler in the Blight of 1863, but that was years ago. Wreck has grown up, and on his eighteenth birthday, he’ll be cast out out of the orphanage.And Wreck’s problems aren’t merely about finding a home. He’s been quietly breaking the cardinal rule of any good drug dealer and dipping into his own supply of the sap he sells. He’s also pretty sure he’s being haunted by the ghost of a kid he used to know—Zeke Wilkes, who almost certainly died six months ago. Zeke would have every reason to pester Wreck, since Wreck got him inside the walled city of Seattle in the first place, and that was probably what killed him. Maybe it’s only a guilty conscience, but Wreck can’t take it anymore, so he sneaks over the wall. The walled-off wasteland of Seattle is every bit as bad as he’d heard, chock-full of the hungry undead and utterly choked by the poisonous, inescapable yellow gas. And then there’s the monster. Rector’s pretty certain that whatever attacked him was not at all human.”

Come join Priest 7:00 pm Friday, November 16, at Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande Boulevard NW (north of Griegos).

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