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The Untamed at the Guild Cinema, as part of the Way OUT West Film Fest (formerly the SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival)
Saturday, October 14 – 11:15 pm only!

Directed by Amat Escalante – 2016 Mexico drama/fantasy, 98m.
In Mexican with English subtitles
Part of the 2017 Way OUT West Film Fest!  $11.00 general admission.
Bubonicon 50 is a community partner on this film!  We’ll introduce it and have door prizes…

Close encounters get even closer in Amat Escalante’s (Heli) The Untamed.  A mysterious, tentacled, alien mass just crash landed in a barn in rural Guanajuato, Mexico. The remote and foreboding landscape lends to the subtle horror of the film, as its gloomy protagonists quickly discover the tentacular, orgasmic pleasures — and gruesome pains — of the mysterious creature.

Amongst the protagonists in this intergalactic erotica is the young Ale, who lives an uninteresting and dissatisfied life with her brutish husband, Ángel, who she suspects is unfaithful. Ale keeps close ties with her brother, Fabian, who works as a nurse in the local hospital. Fabian and Ale quickly befriend the young Veronica after she arrives at the hospital with a suspicious injury. The lives of these four individuals are quickly and divided by family, lust and friendship. But don’t let the space sex distract you, as Escalante’s quiet narrative deftly probes the darker corners of ‘untamed’ human longing.

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The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue NE, in the Nob Hill area.

Website:  GuildCinema.com

Film Info:  wayoutwestfilmfest.com/the-untamed
Ticket info: holdmyticket.com/ticket

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