Don Coscarelli & “Phantasm” in Santa Fe

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Tribute to Horror Classic Phantasm features director Don Coscarelli at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe

A Tribute to Phantasm, the horror classic film, takes place October 7 at the Jean Cocteau Cinema with director Don Coscarelli and star Le Kat Lester in attendance to introduce the film and for a conversation afterwards.

Phantasm is one of the classics of 70s American horror hilms which has had a resurgence of interest in recent years thanks to re-teaming of the director of the Phantasm series Don Coscarelli and star of the original movie Le Kat Lester.  The 1979 release of  Phantasm launched Coscarelli into a career that earned him legendary status as a creator, both director and writer, of highly imaginative fantastical films, which characteristically melded frights and suspense with humor and more. In 2002, he teamed with Texas author Joe R. Lansdale to make the beloved cult hit Bubba Ho-Tep with Bruce Campbell.

Kathy “Le Kat” Lester has had a still blooming career in performing arts, including as a beloved dancer, musician and more. After her impactful and legendary turn in Phantasm as “The Lady in Lavender,” she had a cameo in the third Phantasm film and has a career in commercials and theater. Recently she released a CD, Boudoir Rouge. She performs live in LA and beyond.

The special Phantasm event – to get the Halloween season rolling – starts at 8:00 pm Saturday, October 7.  Tickets are $15.00 in advance, and $20.00 at the door.

The Jean Cocteau Cinema is located at 418 Montezuma Avenue, north end of the Rail Yard District, in Santa Fe. For more info and tickets: 505-466-5528 or

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