Policies & Rules

These Are The Rules & Your Rights at Bubonicon
Please Read Carefully…


  • A Bubonicon pass (with badge or wristband) is required to attend programming, gaming, the con suite and the costume contest. Visual badge checks will occur throughout the convention.
  • All attendees under 14 years of age must have a parent or guardian present at Bubonicon.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual.
  • No unauthorized commerce allowed in Bubonicon hotel event space.
  • No harassment will be tolerated. All attendees and members of Bubonicon have the right to attend and enjoy the convention without fear of confrontation or reprisal in any way. We will eject or bar any individual engaging in unlawful, disruptive, confrontational or violent behavior of any kind. Said individual can be ejected without refund or reimbursement of Bubonicon pass(es).
  • Press passes, given to members of qualified news outlets, are good for three hours maximum. If additional time is needed, it must be authorized by the convention chairperson(s) in advance of the convention.
  • All payments to Bubonicon must be drawn on USA funds, and made payable in US dollars. All checks will require a valid & current driver’s license for name, address, phone number and license number/expiration date.
  • Attendance at Bubonicon is limited to 1,200 individuals 14 years of age or older, per fire code for the Albuquerque Marriott Uptown. We will cap attendance to comply if necessary, and are not obligated to allow entrance to anyone not holding a membership badge to all convention event space, including hallways adjacent to Bubonicon events, the Dealers Room & the Art Show that would put us over capacity.
  • Art Show & Dealers Room are open to the public. No pass is required to enter and purchase merchandise for sale from authorized sellers.


  • All Room Parties must be on the designated 3rd floor. Any Room Parties on other floors will be closed down by the hotel.
  • Any individual or group wanting to host a Room Party must inform the Bubonicon co-chairs (Craig & Caci) at least 4 days (96 hours) in advance of the convention. Do NOT depend on the hotel to inform us. You must directly contact us!
  • And the individual or group hosting a Room Party must inform the hotel management – Jasmin Noorullah-Wright, see Hotel page – at least 4 days (96 hours) in advance.
  • Nothing that blocks traffic will be allowed in hallways (robots, drink stations, mannequins, etc).
  • No furniture shall be removed from the sleeping rooms. The nature of Marriott’s furniture will not allow this possibility. We recommend a tarp over the bedspread and then a piece of plywood if you want to use the bed as a table. (Maybe with a more decorative tablecloth on top of that.)
  • Noise must be kept to a reasonable level as there will be people sleeping on the party floor. Again, the hotel has the right to shut down any party deemed to be a nuisance to other guests.  The same goes for Smoking! Party rooms could be held responsible for people smoking in the stairwell or hallway, and shut down.  Please monitor your party guests…
  • Any damage done to hotel property shall be the responsibility of the room renter, and will result in additional charges. Deliberate ignoring of these rules shall be grounds for banishment from the hotel and future Bubonicons.


  • Taking photographs at conventions is one of the best ways to remember the weekend, and posting photos online is common and usually expected.  However, please use common courtesy and ask permission before photographing someone or posting that photograph online.  If permission is refused for any reason, please honor that refusal.
  • Photographers who repeatedly ignore people’s denial of permission can have their actions construed as harassment (see above), and be ejected or barred from convention attendance.
  • Photography of the Costume Contest is allowed during the presentation.  For safety reasons, photographers cannot stand in or block aisles and other exit avenues. Also be aware that contestants will not stop and pose for photographs during the contest.  We are setting up a photography area in the “Green Room” where entries can pose during the judges’ deliberations and after the awards are given.
  • If posting photos of costumes online (with permission, of course) please accurately acknowledge the creative efforts of your subject by giving credit where it is due.