Black Rainbow Ends at Guild

Beyond the Black Rainbow at the Guild Cinema

Final Night! Thursday, August 23, at 9:30 pm only

Directed by Panos Cosmatos – 2010 – 110m.
All Seats $7.00 – Students with IDs $5.00. Cash only.
Co-sponsored by The Tan Gallery and Bubonicon 44.

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Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Beyond the Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons. From the producer of Machotaildrop, Rainbow is the outlandish feature film debut of writer and director Panos Cosmatos. Featuring a hypnotic analog synthesizer score by Jeremy Schmidt of “Sinoia Caves” and “Black Mountain,” Rainbow is a film experience for the senses.

“Pays homage to Kubrick, Argento, Cronenberg, Altered States, John Carpenter synth scores, ‘70s sci-fi and ‘80s fantasy, and mind-boggling, hyper-stylized madness, while blazing its own uniquely insane trail.” – Nick Schrager, Lessons of Darkness

“ONE SERIOUS HEAD TRIP. Panos Cosmatos emerges as a bold new visionary in science-fiction filmmaking.” – James Marsh, Twitch

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue NE, in the Nob Hill area.

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