Art Show

Show Us Your Art!

Venus de Rat - ClemensBubonicon 50’s Art Show is open to Professionals, Amateurs and Youths in grades K-12. We charge a small registration fee per person (waived if you attend the con, so consider joining us), and then a minimal hanging fee per piece. Since we charge by the piece, we don’t sell panel or table space!

All types/formats of art are eligible! We’ve had original pen & ink drawings, oil paintings, offset press and silk-screened prints, stained glass, jewelry, scarves, computer-produced laser prints, sculptures, fountains, and much, much more!

We will accept mail-in artwork July 5-August 20, 2018.  Artists bringing artwork to the con should plan for 3:00 pm Friday, August 24, for walk-ins.

Art Show Files Coming late June 2018!

Artist PDF files available late June for download!

* For best results, right-click on the link and choose the “Save link as” option to download the interactive Adobe PDF form. Then open the file in Adobe Reader.


2017 Award Winners – Best of Show: Professional to Elizabeth Leggett, Amateur to Kaade Roberts, Student to TBA, and Beast of Show (use of Theme) to Ursula Vernon.

Basic 2017 Stats – Total Sales and percentage sold to come…

2016 Award Winners – Best of Show: Professional to Peri Charlifu, Amateur to Kaade Roberts, Student to Jonathan Hernandez, and Beast of Show (use of theme) to Maia Saunders.

Basic 2016 Stats – Total Sales of $12,829.  32.1% of all artwork entered (for sale) was sold, 54 artists displayed their works.