Albuq SF Society


Our 8th Annual Dessert Cook-Off  +  Short Holiday-Oriented Silly SF Films.
+ The challenge ingredient this year (as chosen at the October ASFS meeting) is “cinnamon.” Please bring enough of your dish (and we’re happy stretching the definition of dessert) for 18-35 people to sample, plus serving utensils. Please remember that we need to let attendees know of ingredients in the major food allergy groups – peanuts, wheat and other glutens, milk, soy, corn, sugar, onions, garlic, etc.
We will provide plates, plasticware and napkins – and will try to remember bowls, too.
As much as possible, there will be prizes of books & DVD movies!
+ Plus, we’ll screen various short films about the winter holidays from the various vaults of our members! (Special thanks to Steve Kubica.) These will tend to be comedies and silly bits.
+ Finally, the annual December issue of SithFacts will be available. Submissions are needed by Sunday, December 9 (email Craig C.).

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed! Water/soda bottles and lidded beverage cups are permitted (until we have a clean-up issue), and there is a water fountain in our meeting space.
Newcomers are welcome with a $1.00 contribution to help pay our rent…

DOORS OPEN AT 7:15 PM. Please do not arrive before this time. We have to set up the room ourselves, and straighten/clean-up at the end.

Click for a Map in PDF
Click for PDF version.

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