1924 Thief of Bagdad Ends at Guild

Thief of Bagdad (restored 1924 Douglas Fairbanks classic) at the Guild Cinema

Monday-Thursday, January 7-10, 4:00 & 7:00 pm each day

Directed by Raoul Walsh – 1924 – 155m.
Meticulously restored by the Cohen Film Collection!

A spectacular accomplishment in production design and special effects, Raoul Walsh’s The Thief of Bagdad is a bold Arabian adventure starring Douglas Fairbanks as a carefree pickpocket who turns his appealing brand of mischievous thievery toward the attainment of happiness… and an exotic Princess (Julanne Johnston). The only way he can win either is by retrieving the rarest treasures hidden within the mysterious Orient, a quest that grows more fantastic with every passing thrill, as the tenacious thief rises high above the city on a magic carpet, battles a fire-breathing dragon in caverns of flame and soars into the clouds on the back of a winged steed via innovative special effects.

“American Silent Cinema at its most flamboyant!  A dizzy conglomeration of Manhattan chic, Art Deco, and rampant Chinoiserie guaranteed to amaze the eyes!” – Geoff Brown, Time Out (London)

“A magic carpet ride of effects and stunts! So imaginative and extraordinary!” – Kevin Brownlow

“No film of Fairbanks’s presented a greater spectacle than Thief of Bagdad, his magnum opus. Having dazzled audiences with his enormous sets for Robin Hood, he chose to outdo himself for his Arabian Nights movie. On the one hand, Thief is the movie you want to see as a kid, when its wonderful special effects can work their best magic. On the other hand, its magnificent design, its sophisticated sense of Arabian Nights fantasies, and its tongue-in-cheek star may be best appreciated by adults. In other words, it’s a film for all ages and for all decades.” – Jeanine Basinger.

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue NE, in the Nob Hill area.
Website: www.guildcinema.com

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